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Train your Corgi dog to listen

You can huấn luyện chó Corgi to perform exercises such as standing still, lying, crawling, rolling, running to find objects … With these exercises will make them form conditional reflexes. You just need to order them and they will immediately execute.

Train your Corgi dog to listen

Step 1:  You call the dog name Corgi for them to run in front of you. One hand you hold your favorite food to lure Corgi dogs. Left hand stroked their heads.

Step 2:  Shout out the command: “Lie down”, “Stand still”, “Cow” … Along with that is one hand you adjust the position properly and a hand holding food to entice them to perform movements.

Step 3:  After performing the movement you can immediately feed them and reward them.

Repeat several times over several days until Corgi matures. You can flexibly apply the above steps to other commands such as stand up, lie down, shake hands. Note that each action must not be performed too many times but must be replaced by other exercises. Also the training time is not too long because they can be tired and depressed, then you will be very difficult to train them.

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