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Take amazing pictures with 4 suspension bridges in Dalat

To Da Lat, you try once “swinging” on the rope bridge to immerse yourself in the majestic natural scenery and get yourself beautiful virtual pictures.

Take amazing pictures with 4 suspension bridges in Dalat

The suspension bridge of Cu Lan village

The suspension bridge across the stream is the shortest way to reach Cu Lan village – a village with rich culture of K’ho ethnic groups. Tour du lịch đà nẵng giá rẻ The suspension bridge is quite long so you can walk and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the mountains and breathe the fresh air of Dalat. Here you can “drop in shape” between the bridge and the two sides of the mountain, while the front is the rustic thatched roofs of the K’ho people. Note that the bridge is quite large, so those who are afraid of heights should pay attention!

La Ba suspension bridge

With many years of life, accompanied by simple rustic features and length “terrible”,  La Ba suspension bridge  has made many people want to conquer. Located about 12 km from the center of Da Lat city, to reach this suspension bridge, you must go to Highway 20 in the direction of Cau Dat tea hill, through Da Loc church and to Hang Cop waterfall and continue 10 km to meet. this bridge. Tour du lịch miền bắc La Ba suspension bridge is the daily travel route of many people living here. Especially, the scene here is quite untouched, without the impact of tourism services, very suitable for creating images that are “virtual” and just real.

Tiger cave waterfall suspension bridge

To reach Tiger Cave waterfall, you will have to go over a suspension bridge across a small stream. Stepping over the bridge which is somewhat old due to time, feeling the waterfall flowing fast throughout the dry and rainy seasons right at the foot of the bridge, you will have an indescribable lightheaded feeling when you are immersed with nature. untouched. Note that this suspension bridge is quite old, so you have to go one by one, move gently and do not joke to avoid danger.

Golden Valley Suspension Bridge

Golden Valley is a tourist destination combining harmonious inherent highlights of natural terrain and the hands of talented people. Here you will see countless wooden suspension bridges spanning across streams, rapids of the valley. Tour du lịch miền nam Most of the bridges here do not have a very special length, but the view from the bridge overlooking the dreamy Dalat will make you admire.

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