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Surprised by the colors dyed pink in the Northwest mountains

Blossoming in a short time, the thick flower still makes the souls of love fall in love with the majestic nature, inspiring their footstep to go.

At an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level, the thick servant is a traditional flower with the typical fragrance of spring in the Northwest. Tour du lịch việt nam giá rẻ It is unclear when this tree was born, only so many generations of H’mong people here have been admired since birth.

Surprised by the colors dyed pink in the Northwest mountains

The fragile five-petal inflorescence, pistil long dark red or dark red only in Mu Cang Chai. Despite being very close relatives of the arrogant cherry blossoms of the land of mourning, but the thick one still has its own appearance, pure as the teenage girls in the mountain.

Each one is as thick as a lovely little bell, blooming alternately into small clusters vibrating with the wind. Tour du lịch ninh thuận That beauty captures us in the romantic and dreamy moment of the Northwest region which reminds me of love.

Every year at the end of the solar calendar, when the weather is still chilly, but the space has been flooded with brilliant spring sunshine, this mountainous flower blooms. Flowers bloom on the occasion of the New Year of the Mong people, dyeing the hillsides makes the whole forest feel like wearing a brilliant brocade coat.

H’mong people through a year of hard work, the rice is full of houses, looking at the top of the mountain, I saw that the dyes were dyed red in the mountains, and it was the time to play Tet and travel to spring.

This is also the right time for the soul to move in the poetic scenery of the mountains, so that the whole body is soaked with flowers and possesses beautiful rare photos. Couples should not miss the opportunity to record memorable memories in the wedding photos sparkling amidst a hundred miles thick forest. I’m the most beautiful season in La Pan Tan, just watching the flowers, just enjoying the beauty of the sweet early spring will make an unforgettable experience.

On the journey to Mu Cang Chai, visitors can also stop at Tu Le, where the cultural intersection of ethnic Thai, Dao and H’mong people, to be in harmony with the rhythm of the souls behind the place. here. Công ty du lịch tphcm With a comfortable and modern resort facilities, Tu Le promises to create unforgettable experiences for this year’s thick season.

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