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Price list of the best construction iron and steel in 2020

Price list of the best construction iron and steel in 2020Báo giá sắt thép xây dựng in 2020. Prices of construction steel at the beginning of the year are crowded with extremely interested customers. Because we want our customers to have a more comprehensive and objective view of the prices of the old and new year. Manh Cuong Phat Building Materials Company would like to send to the construction steel price quotation in 2020

 Price list of the best construction iron and steel in 2020

Based on essential needs and market volatility. Our company will update the Giá cát xây dựng every month, building the price list regularly and regularly.

Price list of the best construction iron and steel in 2020

And quality over a long period of time each year for its buyers

Factory supply  Quotation plate , Quotation concreting sand  possesses the technical order is speculative machinery from abroad.

Modern automated technology and a team of highly skilled engineers

Released steel with affordable bearing capacity, high corrosion resistance

The plural parameters, clearly stating the cause and clear cause

Good warranty, competitive market price, golden sand quotation bring the best price and safety for your customers.

– Because of putting the interests and needs of the user first, Manh Cuong Phat building materials has developed

And opened a variety of branches in the districts of Ho Chi Minh City and other surrounding suburbs

– Based on supply – demand in the market share, the price of steel, the price of block bricks will fluctuate with each wait.

Quotation April 2020 of Quotation price of construction steel at Manh Cuong Phat Building Materials

With the volume of goods imported into warehouse at Manh Cuong Phat building materials , users can safely order a variety of goods without worrying about missing.

Price list of construction steel Assignee

/ KG


/ KG

Steel coil Ø 6 Kg 12,600
Steel coil Ø 8 Kg 12,600
Steel Ø 10 1Tree (11.7m) 7.21 12,430 Contact
Steel Ø 12 1Tree (11.7m) 10.39 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø 14 1Tree (11.7m) 14.15 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø 16 1Tree (11.7m) 18.48 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø 18 1Tree (11.7m) 23.38 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø20 1Tree (11.7m) 28.85 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø22 1Tree (11.7m) 34.91 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø25 1Tree (11.7m) 45.09 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø28 1Tree (11.7m) 56.56 12,230 Contact
Steel Ø32 1Tree (11.7m) 73.83 12,230 Contact

Diverse from phi 6 to phi 32, users will conveniently select the line that they like

As well as suitable Works want to build

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