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Let’s explore the journey of Pleiku and Buon Me Thuot

If you are planning to travel to Pleiku and Buon Ma Thuot. Travel SGCC would like to send to travelers the following helpful hints!

Let's explore the journey of Pleiku and Buon Me Thuot

Should go to the Central Highlands in any season?

The best season for traveling in the Central Highlands is from December to March. Tour du lịch nha trang  If you come to the Central Highlands in December, you will have the opportunity to see the wild flower season. At this time, the weather will be a bit chilly, the average temperature is about 17-20 degrees C.

How to move?

Tourists can fly to Pleiku airport (Gia Lai). From here, you can move to Buon Ma Thuot city by bus. Ticket price ranges from 150,000 VND / person.

Check-in what locations in Pleiku?

You can rent a motorbike (scooter 180,000 VND / day, car number 150,000 VND / day) to move to entertainment places in Pleiku such as Bien Ho, Korean road, Bien Ho tea, Minh Thanh pagoda. Tour du lịch khuyến mãi These are all locations possessing many favorable backgrounds, enabling you to “live virtual” as you like.

What to play in Buon Ma Thuot?

After about 2 days of exploring Pleiku, you can combine to visit many famous places in Buon Ma Thuot. Coming here, you can visit famous places such as Coffee Museum, Ban Don, Tu Khai Doan Pagoda, Dray Nur Waterfall.

What to eat in Pleiku and Buon Ma Thuot?

If you have the opportunity to travel to these two locations, you should enjoy delicious dishes such as rotten crab vermicelli, barbecue vermicelli, spring rolls, grilled spring rolls, grilled chicken, tamarind dipped beef, fish hotpot … Tour du lịch hè These dishes are all freshly processed on the spot and affordable.

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