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Carry out good Cuban Hogfish and you can a great Corris Gainard get along inside the a good 265gallon tank?

Carry out good Cuban Hogfish and you can a great Corris Gainard get along inside the a good 265gallon tank?

Wrasses, comp. My Corris is about 5-6inches long. Just a guess but I expect if I ordered the Cuban it would be about 4inches. <. one r in the genus Coris. likely would get along in this setting. Bob Fenner>

Pink Streaked Wrasse fighting.. 5/6/12 Hello! : ) I am having a bit of trouble with my pair of pink streaked wrasse. A couple of weeks ago he would chase her now and then but today and yesterday he is being horrible – he goes after her as soon as he can see her and they go all over the tank chasing. I’ve separated them today with a divider until I upgrade (they’re currently in a nano but are going in a

Although they regularly spawn about once for every single three days, they don’t any more and men has been Some aggressive into the ladies

120g tank), but in the meantime I’m wondering: 1. Am I correct in assuming that she has turned into a male? I say this because, although I haven’t noticed any color changes, she no longer gets swollen during their spawning time. 2. 3. Do you think it would be possible to house these 2 in my 120g or should I catch one in the small tank where it would be much, much easier? Thanks!

Is there any way she you’ll reverse on a woman?

Wrasse Compatibility/Introduction — Crew: <> I would like to add a leopard wrasse (meleagris) <> to an established 210 gallon tank which contains 3 yellow Coris wrasses (medium to large). <> My procedure when doing this is to put the new fish inside a 5 gallon tank in the DT. This allows me to see the reactions of the main tank inhabitants and to let them get accustomed to the new fish while allowing me the opportunity to remove it if necessary (I would put sand in the bottom for it to hide). <> Your thoughts on this method and the compatibility of the wrasse would be appreciated. Inhabitants are Majestic Angelfish 6″, Regal Blue Tang 6″, Foxface 7″, Sailfin Tang 5″, Flame Angel 2″, Bicolor Angel 2″ (I successfully added this one with this method), 2 Clarkii Clownfish, one large one, 3 Blue Damsels 2″, Six-lined Wrasse 2″, Harlequin Sea Bass 5″ all in a FOWLR plus everything but hard corals. <> Thanks for your help <> -you do a great service to the hobby and industry. <>

General Wrasse compatibility, Cirrhilabrus f’ 2/5/11 Dear WWM Crew, I have a 180-gallon reef that has been setup since 1997, over that time it has gone through many different transformations in rockwork, equipment, lighting and such but over the course of the last two years I have been extremely happy with the end result and it has gone relatively unchanged with the exception of adding coral (primarily SPS) and fish (tangs, Anthias and a majority of different wrasses). The main DT and satellite tanks drain into a 90-gallon sump which is then disbursed, back to the display, a 55-gallon frag tank and a arablounge prijs 30-gallon refugium. Now that I have given a small description of my system, comes my question, In my DT I have three small tangs, a Yellow, a Red Sea Purple and a Red Sea Sail Fin.

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