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Admire the sacred temple complex on Ba Den mountain

Possessing a complex of temples, shrines, pagodas, sacred towers, Ba Den Mountain is a pilgrimage destination that attracts the most crowded tourists in the country every New Year and Spring.

On this occasion of Canh Ty New Year, Ba Den mountain will have a modern cable car system in operation for the first time (from January 18), promising to contribute to attracting more and more tourists to the pilgrimage. Tour du lịch miền tây sightseeing, and open up many interesting experiences for visitors.

Admire the sacred temple complex on Ba Den mountain

Located at an altitude of 350 m in the middle of Ba Den mountain is Ba pagoda (Linh Son Tien Thach Tu, also known as Buddha pagoda, Thuong pagoda), founded in 1745 and built in 1763. This is also an ancient temple. most in Tay Ninh.

This 300-year-old pagoda is dedicated to Linh Son Thanh Mau (also known as Ba Den), praised by the locals and tourists for its sacredness. Tour du lịch nước ngoài There are many thrilling legends surrounding the history and name of Ba Den Pagoda. Nobody knows the true meaning of these legends so this ancient temple is even more attractive to visitors.

The pagoda was restored and rebuilt in 1997. In particular, the temple still holds two green stone pillars carved from the beginning of the century in the 20th street, each column is 4.5 m high, 0.45 m diameter, carved unique dragon shaped. The main hall is more than 200 m2 with many trusses, the altar of the Son Son gilded gold, the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha 2.5 m high, flanked by stately statues of Bodhisattvas and Shakyamuni. The main place of worship of the pagoda is a small stone cave with a 240 kg sculpture of Ngoc Linh Son Thanh Mau.

Set amidst majestic mountains, Ba Den Pagoda is a favorite pilgrimage site for many visitors whenever coming to Tay Ninh, especially on the occasion of the Spring Festival of Ba Den Mountain (held from the 4th of the Lunar New Year. year) and Vía Bà ceremony take place on the lunar month of 4,5,6 lunar month.

This year, Ba Den Pagoda is expected to attract a large number of visitors to visit, admire and sightseeing more than every year thanks to the modern cable car system and new experiences at Ba Den Mountain National Tourist Area by the Group. Sun Group investment.

Specifically, the cable car leading to Ba Den Pagoda has a travel time of about 6 minutes and the transport capacity increased by 2 times compared to the old cable car, meeting a large number of pilgrims to worship at the temple. In addition, the temple’s campus is also expanded and expanded by Sun Group, creating beautiful landscapes and spaces for travelers to visit and pray for peace.

Besides is a cable car that leads straight to the top of Ba Den mountain, with a travel time of only 8 minutes, a capacity of up to 4,400 people / hour, instead of having to climb about 2 hours as before. Tour du lịch trong nước With this big change, all visitors, from children to the elderly, can easily admire the natural beauty at an altitude of 986 m and enjoy unique experiences.

In addition, the 3 cable car stations invested by Sun Group here also own unique architecture, bringing many cultural imprints of the land of Tay Ninh, promising to be an attractive highlight for visitors to come here.

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