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5 interesting experiences when traveling to Phu Quoc

With beautiful landscapes and countless fascinating experiences, Các Tour du lịch phú quốc by many tourists such as Korea’s famous Jeju Island.

Here are 5 experiences visitors should not miss on the pearl island.

5 interesting experiences when traveling to Phu Quoc

See the pristine scenery

Jeju is known as the paradise of mountains and sea in Korea, with fresh air and mild climate. The island has a peaceful landscape, a beach full of sunshine and wind, and is an ideal honeymoon spot. After many famous films filmed here, Jeju Island became a new tourist destination full of dreaming.

Just like Jeju Island, Long Beach – north of Phu Quoc Island – has been voted as the most beautiful and pristine beach in the world by ABC News (Australia).

There is Ganh Dau Cape with untouched mountains, forests and the sea. Các Tour du lịch đà nẵng Ganh Dau Beach is especially clear and clean, bends softly as a drawing line that stretches for more than half a kilometer, connecting with the majestic green forest … From here, visitors can admire the island of Ne, Kaoh Ses or Ta Lon mountain of Cambodia.

Enjoy the sunset

If Seongsan volcano on the eastern side of Jeju is the ideal place to catch the sunrise, Bai Dai this season is the most beautiful sunset spot in Phu Quoc. Many people say that if you miss the typical red sunset of Bai Dai, it seems that you have not arrived in this interesting land.

Take a scenic walk and wildlife

Anyone who has ever visited Jeju must love the feeling of walking on the Jeju Olle-gil road that surrounds the coast. It is the ideal place to stroll, or simply selfie romantic photos for life.

In Phu Quoc, visitors can experience the vast primeval forest of more than 31,000 hectares, with the most abundant ecosystem and vegetation in Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to walk on the leaves rustling in the forest, looking at the giant roots, breathing in the fresh air of the chest.

Deep in the primeval forest is Vietnam’s largest semi-wildlife reserve Vinpearl Safari. This is a happy land of more than 3,000 rare and precious animal species, coming from many biogeographical regions of the world.

Coming to Vinpearl Safari, visitors will learn a treasure trove of animal knowledge, see many rare and precious species found only in movies or experience Tarzan’s green life …

Enjoy local produce

Coming to the island of pearls, visitors do not forget to enjoy the kinds of seafood such as Ham Ninh crab, sea pineapple, herring salad, octopus, abalone, grouper … fresh.

In the northern area of ​​Phu Quoc Island, tourists can take a boat to go out to the raft to enjoy the sea view, Giá tour du lịch miền nam buy seafood with cheap prices and ask local fishermen to process them to their liking.

Referring to Phu Quoc, you can not help but talk about the famous natural specialties such as spicy aromatic pepper, sweet sim chat with the tip of the tongue or a rich fish sauce that cannot be found anywhere else. alternative naturelle viagra

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