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4 temples are inspected by young people in Ho Chi Minh City

The temples possess a diverse and impressive architecture that is the destination of many tourists, especially young people. Here are 4 temples that have been checked in the most recently.

Jade Emperor Pagoda

Quietly located in the heart of District 1, the temple is a spiritual place that attracts domestic and international tourists. The temple has an ancient architecture, with colorful motifs. Các tour du lịch trong nước The temple precinct is about 2,300 m2, in front of a small temple is a statue of the dharmapalas. In the middle of the temple yard is a fish tank of all kinds, on the right is a turtle tank.

On the full moon day, ceremony, New Year, the temple is crowded with tourists visiting pilgrimage, praying for peace, love, and children. In addition, the place is also a place to help you get many beautiful photos with diverse colors check-in corner, eye-catching.

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda

Located in the center of district 3. The temple impresses visitors thanks to its spacious and airy space. A special feature is that both the name and the architecture of the pagoda were modeled from a wooden pagoda in Bac Giang, the center of Truc Lam Yen Tu sect. On Tet holiday, the place is the place where many young people come to pray for peace, take photos of ao dai.

Buu Long Pagoda

4 temples are inspected by young people in Ho Chi Minh City

About 20 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City,  Buu Long Pagoda is  located in the middle of an open natural forest, bringing a quiet and gentle beauty. Tour du lịch đi từ tphcm đến singapore The temple is a combination of quintessence of Nguyen Dynasty and Southeast Asian culture. It is chosen by many people as a destination for fasting, meditation, or simply watching the peaceful scenery, temporarily forgetting the hustle and bustle of the hustle life.

The temple is delicately sculpted with the dominant white color, combined with the brilliant gold color at the tip of the Thai flavor. Check-in here, many people will mistakenly think you are lost in the land of golden temple. The pagoda greets guests from morning till 11am, after 14:00 will open again. You only need to invest in bright, unique costumes to buy a lot of quality photos.

Vietnam Quoc Tu Pagoda

If you have the opportunity to cross the road of February 3, surely will be impressed with the unique, beautiful 13-storey stupa at  Vietnam Quoc Tu Pagoda . The temple has a peaceful space, with ancient trees shading all year round, bearing the architectural style of Vietnamese identity, so it is always crowded with tourists to visit and worship. Tour du lịch từ tphcm đến hà nội Many young people who came here did not forget to take photos of check-in, save beautiful moments at the temple.

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